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How do I log in to your booking portal?
A. You can log in as the account holder: Check the box "Use My Account", above "Pick Up" on the reservation page), enter your account number and the password that was sent with your welcome email. (Usually it’s the last 4 digits of the primary phone number you provided.) This will log in the reservation under your membership account. B. Create a user profile (upper right corner of the reservation page) and log in as "user". You’ll be able to view and manage your past reservations. NOTE: An account may have more than one user with separate login ID’s (e.g. Family or Enterprise memberships) In this case, the system will separate each user's reservations to be viewed and managed by each user as they log in. If for any reason you can’t log in to your account, please contact us and we will reset your password.
I provided a credit card when I booked a ride, when will my card be charged?
We obtain credit card authorization before the ride and charge the credit card AFTER the ride is completed, usually within 1-3 days. Our system automatically sends the final receipt upon charging the credit card.
Are rates quoted per person or per car?
Our rates quoted are per car. Unlike some car service providers, you’ll never share a ride with anyone else. For a list of cars and capacity, visit "Our Fleet" page or review our list of cars when booking a ride.
Are there any restrictions on members’ discounts?
The discount is permanently entered under the member account. However, we may not be able to provide a discount ride during extreme weather condition or on major holidays.
How do you screen your drivers?
We review DMV and TLC driving reports, run drug and criminal records as well as conduct internal driving tests by one of our senior driver managers. We also operate several Quality Control vehicles which conduct periodic inspections of drivers’ qualifications.
I didn’t receive my confirmation or final receipt.
Please check your spam folder. If you’re still unable to locate your receipt, feel free to email us at or call us at 1-800.800.6757. We’re open 24 hours 7 days a week. Remember, we charge your credit card 1-3 days after the ride is completed.
Why do I need to pay a 20% gratuity?
At CarsCo, we believe that lower rates should not replace great service. In order to provide our customers with the best service and still maintain the lowest rates, we guarantee our drivers a 20% gratuity on each trip. If for any reason you feel the driver did not provide exceptional service, please contact our customer service and we'll adjust the gratuity as per your request.
What are the toll charges and policies?
We try to provide accurate tolls when we estimate the price of your trip. However, there are too many factors that affect the toll rates to ensure 100% accuracy. The final tolls depend on your route and are calculated by drivers on their tablets at the end of the trip. Please note, trips between NY and NJ or within NJ will be billed at a round trip toll fare.
Can I request the driver take a different route to my destination?
Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t raise rates during peak hours. In order to maintain low rates and to minimize air pollution as much as possible, CarsCo drivers are required to take the most direct route to their destinations. Alternative route requests (to save on tolls or take pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge") will be billed at a rate of two hours minimum. Alternately, you can request a different route at the time of your pickup and our dispatchers will check the traffic conditions via the requested route. If no major delays are found, we may approve the alternate route.