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New Client Application Form

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CarsCo., Inc. requires payment in full upon service or upon receipt of invoice. Clients are quoted an all inclusive price with STC charges and 20% gratuity when placing a reservation. Clients will receive final price notification after actual completion of service which will reflect any changes to the original booking price for additional fees and services. The Applicant hereby agrees that it is the passenger’s responsibility to collect a copy of the trip voucher directly from the chauffeur at the end of each chauffeured service trip. CarsCo., Inc.’s cancellation policy for corporate account holders allows cancellation notice without charge 2 hours prior to the dispatch time in the USA and 48 hours prior to the dispatch time internationally. The Applicant hereby agrees that cancellation notice of less than the time described above, or no-show, requires full charge or a minimum charge in accordance with the type of service reserved. CarsCo., Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to accounts that are in arrears and to charge the back-up credit card on file for any amounts past due. The Applicant hereby authorizes CarsCo., Inc. to make charges to the credit card listed above, or any other credit card provided by the Applicant at a future date. The Applicant further agrees to reimburse CarsCo., Inc. for all legal fees and other expenses related to collecting any and all outstanding invoices for this account. By submitting below, you, the Applicant, hereby agree to all of the above terms and authorize CarsCo., Inc. to obtain credit references from the references listed above

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